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About Us

Who Is Guidant Realty?

Guidant Realty is a private real estate brokerage founded by John Hughes.  John comes from an extensive blue chip background including sales as high as $3 Billion, contracts management through a corporate split, and a significant amount of time as a Customer Loyalty manager.  From that backround has grown a philosophy that treating clients like family and taking care of them in the most competent and professional manner is the basis for a strong business.  All Guidant agents have that same philosophy, will always keep your interests first, and will be there for you when it matters.  The occassional mis-hire that didn't live up to that philosophy simply doesn't work here anymore.

More About John

After several high-visibiilty successes at Hewlett-Packard, it became obvious that the career path was going further abroad for longer stretches.  That was not a schedule that would work with new parents.  After several offers to join a friend in the business, he finally agreed.  2 years later, John launched Guidant Realty in March of 2008.  Believing that knowing real estate like he knew tech was integral to warranting the role of a trusted advisor, he has invested himself in every area of the business.  This allows Guidant Realty agents to bring the best information and advice to their clients.  Those roles include:
  • President, Placer County Association of Realors (2014)
  • Director, Placer County Association of Realtors (2010 - 2015)
  • President, Placer County Association of Realtors Charitable Foundation (2015)
  • Realtor of the Year, Placer County Association of Realtors (2015)
  • Director, California Association of Realtors (2012 - current)
  • Key Contact to Assemblymember Brian Dahle's office, California Association of Realtors (2014 - current)
  • President, California Real Estate Brokers, Inc. which owns 50% of Metrolist MLS (2017 - current)
  • Court recognized real estate expert witness
  • Mediator, Placer County Association of Realtors (2015 - current)
  • Master's Club (top production = top experience, 2010 - current)
  • Many committee and task force leadership positions within the Placer County and California Associations of Realtors

How does Guidant deliver on our promise to be your Trusted Advisor? 

  • Process Design - A strong process is repeatable and provides a consistent result. Our nicknamed "Blue Folder" system, makes sure you know what to expect and how we work as a team. Many years of process design reside within our team. 
  • Technology - We employ technology to greatly facilitate the search and dredge up data you probably did not know was available, right down to the nitty-gritty on that home that caught your eye. Call us early and we will support you with a stream of data on your neighborhood (to sell) or that preferred neighborhood (to buy), to help decide when the time is right to go to market. We come from the technology sector - we know how to turn data into actionable knowlege. 
  • Marketing - For sellers, our environment no longer supports "put it on MLS and it will sell." While important, the right price is not enough. We employ a diverse set of tools designed to greatly improve your chances of connecting with a potential buyer. It is unrealistic to expect to convert a prospect who the home does not fit, however it is unforgivable to miscommunicate with the one who it does. Our team has experience in complete product marketing campaigns that comes with an insight and creativity often missed in a mature industry like ours. Don't miss our 3-D Marketing Models for listings!
  • Negotiations - Every situation is different. We will review your situation, add the perspective of your personal goals, and create an approach that fits your style and needs. Let our customers tell you in their own words how good we are.
  • Contracts - We find that much of our industry spends the majority of its time trying to find a home and "Make a deal". Making the right deal is far more important. Once your signature is dry, it is extremely difficult to change the terms. More importantly, do you or your representation know what those detailed terms are and protect your interests all they way through to close of escrow? With contracts experience on individual deals as high as $400 Million and continued training specific to real estate, we will make the right deal and protect you to the end. 
  • Our Ears - We keep them clean and use them regularly! What we know simply does not matter if we do not take the time to get to know your preferences, goals, and critical factors. While there are always similarities to leverage and provide insight, every transaction is unique. We view ourselves as consultants and every consultant must listen extensively before creating a plan. It is how we create a team between the agent and the client that is positioned for success - your success, whatever your situation. With all the capabilities in the world, we would not receive the deepest trust that our client's referral represents, without using our ears to your benefit each and every day.

Guidant Realty would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to show you why we think we are different. Information is free, and to be honest, we will "talk shop" with anyone who cares to listen!