Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

Marketing to Sell

When a homeowner decides to sell their house, they obviously want the best possible price with the least amount of hassles.  Advancing technology in real estate has placed a great deal of information in the hands of consumers.  However, the financial and logistical impacts of a failed or improperly conducted sale can be ruinous.  It is for this reason that only 2% of buyers purchased their home directly from a seller whom they didn’t know.  A good Realtor®, with proper expertise and diligence, makes a complex process feel simple and understandable to a Seller.  Most importantly, they help avoid mistakes that might invite lawsuits later and keep deals on track so that moving plans and subsequent purchases are not disrupted. 

At Guidant Realty, we have agents that recognize the importance of an organized and educated approach to selling your home.  We cringe when we see marketing photos that were clearly taken from a mobile phone.  Poor marketing reduces viewings, competition, and ultimately the price and terms received in the final contract.  Guidant Realty employs professional tools and partners to help ensure the right buyers don’t pass on your home.

The greatest hype and attention is focused on negotiating a great contract.  However, in reality, this is just the start.  Ensuring that contract is met and kept can be even more difficult.  Our agents anticipate and proactively address the possibilities of low appraisals, unrealistic repair requests, buyers that might otherwise not perform in a timely manner, and proper disclosures to circumvent subsequent legal actions.  The resident expertise in Our Company is well known and respected amongst other true local real estate professionals.  Call one of Our Agents today to find out how we can help maximize your results while minimizing the complexity.

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